Condo for Rent in Pratumnak

The reason why looking for a condo for rent in Pratumnak is a great idea is simple. The upscale residential area is also called Beverly Hills of Pattaya and has one of the quietest and most spacious beaches in the city. Apart from being ideal for swimming, watersports and children playing tag, the beach has also a rocky area that is perfect for those who enjoy fishing.

Thanks to Pratumnak's location, residents and visitors have the best attractions in the area at hand. The Buddhist holy site with the enormous Big Buddha in a temple on the top of Pratumnak Hill offers spectacular views of the bay. There also is a golf course, a water park with thrilling attractions and a fantastic theme park.

For more breathtaking views, book a table in one of the three rotating restaurants in the Pattaya Park Tower. If you feel a need to walk some of the extra calories off, head for the several-kilometre-long promenade along the beach, or hit the local jogging trail.

Later in the day, stroll through the night market with live music and an abundance of places to sit down for a meal or drink. And if it is not a good night's sleep what you expect from your stay, go for a night on the town. Even though quieter than other parts of the city, Pratumnak is home to many exquisite clubs and bars.

With us, it is not at all difficult to find a condo for rent in Pratumnak. Being familiar with the local real estate market helps us bring you the best rental property in the area.

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