Condo for Sale in Naklua

There is something really exciting about looking for a condo for sale in Naklua. This quiet place is home to the best beaches in the area and boasts iconic landmarks and family-friendly attractions showcasing the Thai culture.

Apart from the gorgeous beaches, Naklua’s beautiful Sanctuary of Truth temple is also worth visiting. It is a masterpiece, hand-carved from teak. Not into architecture? Have fun with ATV riding or at the shooting range that can be found on the premises as well.

After seeing a show of the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing, take your children to the Pattaya Sheep Farm — a petting zoo with many farm animals to touch or even ride. Do not forget the aviary and fairground rides. Mini Siam is next for you to see. Amazing models of famous buildings and structures from around the world will certainly impress guests of all ages.

The most popular attraction, however, is the Million Years Stone Park with petrified trees and interesting rock formations. Get yourselves tickets to the largest crocodile farm in Thailand to see crocodile, tiger and elephant shows.

Count on us to find you just the right condo for sale in Naklua. Familiar with the local real estate market, we know what property is worth investing in. If you do not intend on living in the condo, we can help you rent it out.

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