Emirates Airline‎ offers big fare cuts

Emirates Airline‎ offers big fare cuts Round-trip fares by the fast-expanding Dubai-based carrier from Bangkok to destinations within its global...

Emirates Thailand has embarked on a major sales campaign that undercuts the ticket prices offered by full-service airlines and even those of low-cost carriers.

Round-trip fares by the fast-expanding Dubai-based carrier from Bangkok to destinations within its global network are up to 47% lower than the normal rates imposed by Emirates.

Emirates' rock-bottom fares are likely to cause a stir in the Thai airline business during the 14-day campaign that is expected to generate a surge in its ticket sales, slowing down sales of rival airlines

Emirates' heavy discount campaign will particularly put Thai Airways International, the cash-strapped flag carrier struggling through a rehabilitation and competing directly on international routes with...

For destinations across Asia, round-trip economy class fares on Emirates is from merely 4,365 baht while business class fares start from 11,640 baht.

Flights to Middle East costs from 5,820 (economy class) and 19,400 baht (business Class).

Fare-only ticket prices to Europe from Bangkok to European cities commence from 9,700 baht (economy) 53,545 baht (business).
Flights to Africa cost from 12,610 baht (economy) and 57,230 baht (business).

Emirates flights to Australasia start at 8,540 (economy) and 60,140 baht (business).

Thai travel booking agents yesterday said the Emirates' discounted fares are hard to be matched by any airlines, including by full-service and no frills carriers, for the time being.

"This is not typical airline sale gimmick we normally see in Thailand, it is quite a deal,'' one agent noted.

For instance, it costs as little as 4,365 baht in net fare for a return flight between Bangkok and Hong Kong in the economy class on Emirates' Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Even if extras such as passenger service charges levied by airports at both ends, the overall ticket prices will go up to just around 5,700 baht, the cheapest by any carriers.

Emirates' offerings, last until Jan 19 both online and offline, come with relatively easy terms with travel validity extending from Jan 15 till Nov 30.

Unlike certain full-service airlines and low-cost carriers which tend to offer limited numbers of discounted tickets as a marketing gimmick, Emirates has not restricted the numbers of its discounted tickets...

That means there will be a lot of discounted tickets being offered for sales during the campaign period and people are free to buy as many tickets to as many as destinations with Emirates' network as they...

Jabr Al-Azeeby, Area Manager for Thailand and Indochina, said the campaign is part of Emirates' global sale which is staged to herald the New Year.