House for Rent in Bang Saray

Bang Saray is a small, lovely fishing town with one of the greatest white sand beaches in the region. Would you like to find a house for rent in Bang Saray? It is the right place to stay for everyone who can appreciate quiet nights and no crowds on the beach.

Spend your days on the golf course, try as many watersports as you can, or go for an evening ride on a rented motorbike. If you are into art, the local museum shows a rare Chinese arts collection. Also worth seeing are the monks from the local temple. They collect food and bless people every morning.

Take a trip to the biggest palm garden in Southeast Asia and relax in its beautiful flower gardens or see the elephant and dance shows. Splash in nearby modern water parks, or take in the picturesque landscape of Silverlake Vineyard, home to the best wine in the country. Sip the wine while watching amazing sunsets from Bang Saray's Sunset Beach.

Another must do is boating around the near shore islands. Not only they boast exquisite sandy beaches and really clear water, they also offer the best spots for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Some of the islands became national parks. Visit a turtle sanctuary, or play and swim with wild macaques.

With our expertise of the local real estate market, we are confident that we can offer you just what you have been looking for — a perfect house for rent in Bang Saray! Count on us to find you the best property available.

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