Here is short step by step procedure to get finacial approval.

  1. Find a property in our listing with FinanceFinance option
  2. Contact us and arrange viewing
  3. Complete credit application and submit with all required documents
  4. Owners approval
  5. Sign agreement and move in
  6. Start paying agreed instalments


Title Deed - Chanote

One of the most important and critical issues when engaging in a financed propertyfinanced property purchase transaction is the properties title deed (Chanote) and how it is secured during the transaction period assuring the purchaser of immediate Free Hold title to the property when making their final payment. This very important security issue is completely addressed and taken care of as part of the negotiation process and can be handled properly by a registered third party accounting firm, which we will assist you with.



How much is the interest?

Usually 8% per annum, in some cases could be lower

Can I pay all amount sooner without penalty?

Yes, there is no fee if you decide to pay the remainder sooner

What is the lenth of the loan?

Usually owners prefers to get all money within 3 years. However all conditions are negotiable during signing the agreement.

When I get the chanote on my name?

Transfer of Title Deed on your name will be done immeditely after last installment.

Who pays transfer fees?

Usually buyer pays all transfer fees, however some owners offering 50/50 on transfer fees.

Is there any additional cost?

Property purchase transaction PPF fee is paid by the property owner and our fee is the same as for normal full payment purchase transactions, with absolutely no additional cost to you as the purchaser.

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