One of the major issues facing many of our customers, over the last few years in Thailand, has been acquiring bank financing for their property investments. Financial solutions It has been almost impossible for foreigners to qualify and receive bank loans for their real estate purchasesreal estate purchases here in the Kingdom of Thailand. We know that the Thailand real estate sector would do very well by offering qualified foreigners the funds to invest in the Thai property market. Certainly, this would be a very positive way to stimulate the Thai property market as a whole. We at PPF have come up with a solution and we plan to fill this need. We are very actively promoting the concept of Owner Financing to you and our many other househouse and condocondo purchasing clients. We have already collected a substantial list of house and condo owners that are willing to offer Owner Financing to our costumers. As you may have already seen, PPF has been advertising many of these Finance properties with Owner Financing within the major magazines and newspapers in Pattaya and throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard.


What is Owner Financing?

When part or all of the purchase price, less the buyer's down payment, is carried by the seller, the seller is providing owner financing. Instead of going to the bank, the buyer gives a financing instrument to the seller as evidence of the loan and makes payments to the seller. In that instance, the buyer and seller agree upon an interest rate, monthly payment amount and term of the loan, and the buyer pays the seller for the seller's equity on an installment basis.

It is our job and duty to assist you with the negotiations between you and the property owner. 

Why to choose FINANCE property

  1. MOVE NOW, PAY LATER A quick and easy way for you to move in to your new home now!
  2. LITTLE OR NO QUALIFYING Even if the seller demands a credit report on the buyer, the seller's interpretation of buyer qualifications are typically less stringent and more flexible than those imposed by conventional lenders.
  3. TAILORED FINANCING At your negotiated purchase price, you will be able to establish reasonable monthly payments which are within your budget and financial capabilities.
  4. DOWN PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY Very reasonable down-payment amounts and payment periods that will make your financing experience comfortable
  5. LOWER CLOSING COSTS Without an institutional lender, there are no origination fees, processing fees, administration fees or any of the other assorted miscellaneous fees that lenders routinely charge, which automatically saves money on buyer closing costs.

We understand that most purchasers would be eager to receive financing for between 5 and 10 years, if not even longer, but would advise purchasers that 2 to 3 years financing is what is most attractive to many property owners. Again, that is our job to negotiate terms that you can live your new home!


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